12 October 2012

Buffy, The Baboso Slayer

She’s big! She’s blonde! She’s beautiful!
She´s bullsh*t-free!

Big Buffy 2

B   U   F   F   Y

¡Bienvenidos, cabrones! Welcome to a new era in reality entertainment! I am Anita Margarita Beyoncé Chingas de Huevos Rancheros y Kaiser-Permanente. Starting tonight, I’ll be your mistress of ceremonies for The Dumb Dora Awards.

Friends call me Big Buffy, but my enemies know me as La Chingona! That’s due to my reputation of having extremely low tolerance for babosos! (That word means “dumbasses”, for those of you who don’t speak Spanglish.) These stiletto heels of mine are made for stamping out ignorance about sex and gender! Ain´t no homophobic hot mess that Buffy can’t put a chill on. You´ve heard about folks opening up a can of Whip Ass? Honey, La Chingona manufactures Whip Ass on demand! Escúchame bien: I’m one plus-sized, half-Mexican, half-Cuban ex-probation officer you don’t want to f*ck with!

Cream Of Whip AssCream Of Whip Ass

Back when I worked for the Missouri Department of Probation and Parole, I always had strict rules for my clients to follow. If I hadn’t, many of them would’ve slid back into their old ways; they’d have ended up being somebody’s prison b*tch forever! If you’re going to make positive changes in your life, you’ve got to work at it. Rehab doesn’t just happen, and that’s true no matter if you’re talking about a wayward individual or a wayward society.

I’m blessed to have a Gay son (¡te amo mucho, Ralfi!), and am a very active member of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays [sic]). However, I’ve been a Gay Rights ally for most of my life. Nobody ever had to teach Buffy why LGBT equality was essential to Christian values. If only the same could be said for everybody!

A few years ago, I noticed something that shocked me: Many self-described Gay activists aren’t much different from probationers! They tend to become reckless in their behavior, misguided in their thinking and unfocused in their goals. I realized that they needed a strict set of rules, too. That’s why, in collaboration with Stuffed Animal and the Sacred Sisterhood of The Horse’s Ass (our former MC and awards hostesses, respectively), I devised the Ten Commandents of Gay Rights Activism. You can access this list in the sidebar of our Ignorance Is Plentiful blog site at any time. If any of you haven’t familiarized yourself with the Commandments, I strongly advise that you do so!

What did I hear some smart ass say? “Who does that fat b*tch think she is, writing rules for the Gay Rights movement?” ¡Soy La Chingona! ¡Cállate tu pinche boca! Shut your mouth, baby boy, and maybe you can learn something before these ceremonies are over!

Once again, we gather here in the Gracie Allen Amphitheatre to witness a perp walk by folks who call themselves equality activists and allies. Our latest lineup of Commandment violators includes babosos who use anti-Gay slurs to promote themselves; who hide their homophobia behind disingenuous who-cares-if-someone-is-Gay remarks; who indulge in trendy RadicalSpeak at the expense of credibility; who claim to be Gay Rights activists but bend over backwards to avoid Gay activism; who try to pass off juvenile acting-out as “radical” protest; who use public platforms to argue against safer sex guidelines; whose love of “reclaimed” hate speech even extends to disrespecting deceased LGBT persons; who stoop so low as to present depictions of Gay genocide disguised as “edgy” art; and who treat oppression as if it were a cultural treasure needing preservation. These kinds of offenses are sure to get you on La Chingona’s sh*t list!

Desgraciadamente, people don’t get sent to jail for such idiotic conduct. However, a select few do get one of our braying jackass figurines to commemorate their transgressions! Here are ten of those dubious keepsakes, lined up along the edge of the Imbecile’s Podium. ¡Mira qué tacky! Now watch as our fabulous awards hostesses, The Zoot Suit Muchachas, present them to the ten deserving Dumb Dora Award finalists we´re honoring tonight. Then stay with us, because a brand new induction into the Fool´s Hall of Fame will cap off our thirteenth gala celebration.

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11 October 2012

Buffy vs. Nothing-Painted-Queer

The Dumb Dora Award for
Peddling Nothing-Painted-Queer Goes to
Charles Ferruzza, Wayne Courtois
and The Writer’s Place

¡Hola, cabrones! La Chingona is in the house. Ya viene el Junio: Gay Pride Month has rolled around once again. If you’re an LGBT person, ‘tis the season to be exploited! Time again for enterprising Gay Gatekeepers to whet the Straight population’s appetite for gender-neutral minstrelsy. How will the Handkerchief Heads embarrass LGBT folk this year? What new way will they find to debase LesBiGay and transsexual experience? How about a celebration of that mythological concept known as “queerness”? The following announcement appears in the Gay Pride edition of Camp Magazine, a Kansas City area bar rag:

The Writer’s Place presents
“A Celebration of Queerness”
Hosted by
Charles Ferruzza and Wayne Courtois
Friday, June 15, 7:00 PM
Featuring readings by Kelly Barth, Crystal Boson, Mark Manning, Wendy Dow, Miguel Morales,
David Wayne Reed
and the opening of a photography exhibit by
Andrea Brookhart

Housed in a circa 1900 mansion, The Writer’s Place is located in midtown Kansas City. The mission statement found on its website declares the WP a resource for area residents “who care about the word as art.” It has the reputation of being a gathering place for the New Age crowd. Now, I knew you could take classes there, or attend seminars, or browse the library upstairs; but before reading this announcement, I didn’t know that promoting hate speech was part of the WP’s community outreach. ¡Coño! You learn something new every day!

Every LGBT person should see director Spike Lee’s 2000 satire Bamboozled. While it’s one of his least popular movies, it’s arguably his most significant one: The angriest indictment of Uncle Tomfoolery ever put on film! Its centerpiece is a fictional TV variety series called “The New Millennium Minstrel Show” starring shabbily-dressed actors smeared in blackface. The cast swaps n*gger jokes and dances the Buck and Wing on a slave plantation stage set. Much to the horror of self-respecting African-Americans, the show becomes a ratings blockbuster and acquires a cult following. Spike Lee incorporated a wealth of racist film footage in this story, including clips from 1915’s Birth Of A Nation, 1927’s The Jazz Singer, 1939’s Gone With The Wind and offensive cartoon shorts like 1935’s Little Black Sambo.

The Handkerchief Head Dance

It’s easy to draw a parallel between this movie’s crude Blaxploitation images and the f*gsploitation pageantry on display at many Gay Pride celebrations. Most Straight people who watch these freak shows think they’re watching typical LGBT behavior. That’s exactly what those who exploit LGBT status for personal gain want them to think! And if these negative stereotypes help get a “marriage protection” amendment, a ban on workplace protections or a “don’t say Gay” school district policy passed, so f*cking what? Pariah status is so much more fun than full citizenship recognition. ¡Babosos desgraciados!

There are modern minstrel shows like over-the-top Pride parades and kinked-up Folsom Street Fairs (falsely promoted as "Gay community" events), and then there are the efforts to put a minstrel show spin on anything Gay-related: Books, films, theatre, music , art exhibits! Such efforts are certainly nothing new.  Ignorance Is Plentiful exposes them on a regular basis! Several years ago on his blog Christ, The Gay Martyr, Stuffed Animal first reported on this nasty Gaytekeeper habit. Here’s how he opened a Gender Monologues essay titled “The Myth of Queerness”:

Nowadays, fakery is in vogue among LGBT folk! There's an over-abundance of vulgar representation, fringe behavior, counterculture posturing and pandering to stereotype. Typical of what I'm talking about is how San Francisco's Pride festivities are being promoted this year; the organizers hope to lure Straight spectators with tantalizing descriptions of "pansy divas", "ballroom queers" and "tr*nny witches”. . . people of blended gender are being packaged like an illicit commodity! It reminds me of the Prohibition-era Black nightclubs, where rich White folks went slumming. Just substitute the exotic "Queer" for the primitive "Darky" of yesteryear: See degenerates by the dozen! Catch a fever for the flavor of sex perverts! I'm disgusted at how some of us willingly sell ourselves out to play scripted roles in a heterosexist fantasy.

I’m familiar with some of the writers/performance artists scheduled to participate in this so-called celebration. They are longtime media whores who hold forth on local public radio stations; these serial chatterboxes never tire of talking about themselves into a microphone.  Some of these jokers are so deep down in a narcissism bag, they're a b*tch just to be around!

Lately, they’ve taken to appearing at live forums that pimp the format of Public Radio International’s popular “This American Life” series. They desperately try to emulate the witty narrative style of TAL regulars like Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris. The results are boring at best and highly annoying at their worst: Think of Donald Trump in full gasbag mode! These cackling gallinas must think egocentric self-indulgence will sound more interesting if they wrap it up in “queer” packaging. They’d better think twice!

Needless to say, La Chingona will not be attending this “Celebration of Queerness”. Nothing-painted-blue, whether broadcast over radio or TV or presented live, has never appealed to me. Nothing-painted-queer is even less appealing! At least the color blue is something real; the color “queer” is pure falsehood! As the proud mother of a Gay son, I detest falsehoods told about LGBT status, regardless of who is telling them!

Will Geer, who portrayed Grandpa on the fondly-remembered 1970s TV series “The Waltons” was a Bisexual man. At one time, he was the lover of Mattachine Society founder Harry Hay.

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10 October 2012

Buffy vs. The Glass Closet

The Dumb Dora Award for
Bulletproofing Glass Closets Goes to
Jenée Osterheldt and Char Daniels

La Chingona here! My dear friend Stuffed Animal finished writing one last Dumb Dora Award ceremony before retiring from show business. Here is that induction speech:

A “Cosby” kid might be Gay! Stop the presses! Clutch your pearls!

This quote opened a column which appeared in the 25 May edition of ink.com, a Kansas City Star webzine. The column is an anti-sensationalism screed of sorts. How ironic is it, then, that it should start in such a sensationalistic way?

Last week, The National Enquirer, the same rag that posted a picture of Whitney Houston’s open casket, did its very best to "out" actress Raven-Symone as a Lesbian. They called it a “Gay shocker.” The blogosphere blew up.

That’s what generally happens in a society where being Lesbian or Gay is still considered exotic and strange, and where most media stars are closeted for fear of losing popularity.

This rumor was treated as both truth and scandal. Twitter ran rampant with speculation over Raven-Symone’s love life . . . people were curious, and some were happy for the starlet. But many were angry! What is the world coming to? one typed in reference to Raven’s possible homosexuality. She looked like she was gonna be Gay, another Tweeted. Raven-Symone from “That’s So Raven” is Gay . . . childhood destroyed, wrote another.

“She looked like she was gonna be Gay?” Ye gods! It’s a crying shame, how this kind of ignorance about human sexuality persists into the 20th century. There’s plenty of blame to go around, too!

Here’s the thing. Being Gay is not a scandal. It’s not a disappointment.

If columnist Jenée Osterheldt had ended her op-ed right there, we wouldn’t be having a Dumb Dora Award ceremony for her. But no! She just had to go and spoil everything:

And celebrity or not, someone’s sexuality is not our business. Watching someone on TV does not grant us access to their bedroom.

How does knowledge of a woman’s Lesbian identity make the public privy to her bedroom secrets? Do people get a list of her favorite sex positions as part of the deal?

Last Friday, the 26-year-old took to Twitter and didn’t bother setting the record straight, or Gay.

Cute turn of phrase (not)!

In a series of Tweets, she tried to end the conversation on her sexuality. “I’m living my personal life the way I’m happiest. I’m not one, in my 25-year career, to disclose who I’m dating. And I shall not start now! My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating, to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life.”

That's So Raven

Well, she didn’t say “no”, did she? Sister Woman just pulled a “Queen Latifah” and refused to talk about her orientation. Fair enough! We can reasonably conclude that Raven-Symone is either Gay or Bisexual.

Char Daniels, director of LikeMe Lighthouse, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community center in Kansas City, said no one has the right to “out” someone. “Every person has to 'come out' in their own way and in their own time,” she says. “Some people face abuse and hardship. 'Outing' someone is not a joke. It’s very hurtful and dangerous.”

So . . . if you know for sure that someone is Gay, you have a responsibility to keep that knowledge secret? Behave like it’s something to be ashamed of? What if other people know and have started talking about it? Did it ever occur to Ms. Daniels that a secretive approach to LGBT identity perpetuates ignorance? That it maintains an atmosphere where violence is more likely to occur? No, I’m sure it never did. I’ll have more to say about her brand of activism later on. Jenée Osterheldt ended her op-ed thus:

So does it matter if a “Cosby” kid or anyone else might be Gay? It doesn’t. It’s high time we quit worrying about who is loving whom, and just did some living and loving of our own.

No, this wasn’t a mean-spirited op-ed. It was just a wrong-headed one! Underscoring my point, the comments section quickly logged several reactions that read something like this:

I don’t care if somebody is Gay, and I don’t want to know! I’m so tired of people talking about their sexual orientation.

Oh, really now? Tired of Straight men and women talking about the hot dates they had with so-and-so last night? Tired of heterosexual folk jawboning about their husbands, wives and children at work, at school, at church, at the fitness center, etcetera? Tired of magazines, movies and TV shows shoving both real and imagined heterosexuality down viewers’ throats 24/7? Beggin’ your friggin’ pardon, folks, but I don’t buy it! Y’all ain’t hardly tired of that stuff. Y’all just don’t like hearing about dudes who dig dudes and ladies who love ladies. It’s the same old homophobia, camouflaged in squeamishness about “sexual matters” . . . but ain’t nobody even talking about sex!

My Stuffed Animal snout smelled casual hetero-bigotry and . . . well, you know me! When it’s time for some consciousness-raising, I’m always ready to go! The day after I read Ms. Osterheldt’s column and the reactions to it, I emailed her this letter:

I´m sure you feel that you wrote a perfectly reasonable op-ed regarding the sexual orientation of actress Raven-Symone. Most of your readers would no doubt think so, too. I don’t! Let me try to get you thinking in a more progressive way.

In a rational world, disclosure of sexual orientation is hardly inappropriate. Straight people do it all the time without realizing it. They may be discreet about who they’re dating, but not about the gender of people they date. To do otherwise would be absurd.

Clearly, we don’t live in a rational world when it comes to disclosure of LGBT status. However, if we ever want to live in that world, we’re going to have to change the ways we talk and think about non-heterosexual orientation.

I will never forget the first (and to date, only) encounter I had with Char Daniels, the woman you quoted in your op-ed. She told me I should be OK with LGBT folk being called “queers”, and suggested I was an old fossil because I’m not!

I can’t begin to explain how offensive it was to be told such a thing by a Straight woman. Ms. Daniels may be openly-Gay-Country star Chely Wright’s aunt, but that doesn’t mean she knows what it’s like to be a Gay person. She obviously doesn’t! No “Straight ally” who’s comfortable with anti-Gay hate speech is credible as a consultant on LGBT issues.

Yes, disclosing someone’s homosexual, bisexual or transsexual identity can be dangerous at times. Yes, it can be hurtful. But hiding in the closet isn’t going to bring the era of full equality any closer! Where would African-Americans be if ‘60s Civil Rights protesters had been timid about expressing their demands? That old mantra is still true: No pain, no gain! Oppressed people need to grasp after their rights, and they can’t do that effectively if they’re afraid to call attention to themselves.

Besides, in this case we’re talking about what’s called The Glass Closet. That’s where a celebrity refuses to discuss their orientation but makes little or no attempt to hide it. I think if you’re famous, and discretion about the gender of your love interests is important to you, then you should behave discreetly. Don’t blame others for talking about something you’re doing in plain sight! And don’t think wagging a disapproving finger at people who gossip will do any good: Human nature trumps propriety every time, especially where celebrities are concerned!

How absurd if Raven-Symone thinks her secret is safe! Responding to speculation the way she did, it’s obvious now that she isn’t heterosexual. This is an example of how Gay people fool themselves into thinking their closet doors are shut. Contrary to urban myth, some folks couldn’t hide their gender neutrality even if you paid them to do it!

There’s an aggressive Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy operating in many communities, and you know I’m not lying! It’s high time that policy was repealed! I’m tired of folks tippy-toeing around LGBT status the way they used to tiptoe around the topic of menstruation. If, as you say, it really doesn’t matter whether someone is Gay or not, then saying so, or wondering aloud about it shouldn’t matter, either. Let’s see what it feels like to live in a rational world, shall we?

I look forward to the time when nobody is shot down for speculating about the gender of a celebrity’s love interest. I want to see the day when people are comfortable asking the person, and the person is comfortable saying “yes, I’m dating someone of the same sex”. That’s the day when same-gender love will no longer be spoken of or thought about as “queer”. How long must I wait for it?

And how long will I have to wait to get a response from Jenée Osterheldt? Would you believe I’m still waiting? But bless her heart, she won’t have to wait any longer for this award.

Stuffed Animal


Lorraine Hansberry, author of the award-winning Broadway play Raisin In The Sun was a Lesbian woman. Although once married to Broadway producer Robert Nemiroff, her same-gender-loving status was revealed posthumously through letters and articles she wrote for The Ladder, an early newsletter for Gay women.

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09 October 2012

Buffy vs. Suicide Speech

The Dumb Dora Award for
Suicide Speech Goes to
Lesbian and Gay 
Task Force


Who’s your Chingona? Big Buffy Chingas is back in the house! RadiQueer activists are always looking for new ways to shoehorn “reclaimed” hate speech into mainstream discourse. They like nothing better than to do so under the auspices of established Gay institutions; for an example of their handiwork, look at how the Metropolitan Community Church has become totally immersed in “LGBTQ” rhetoric. Another example is The Advocate, whose editorial department has clearly been overrun by fringe elements.

The RadiQueers have just scored a major coup: They seem to have taken control of public relations at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force! In order to “thank” our current President for his (often limited) role in recent Gay Rights advancements like DADT repeal, NLGTF wants to make sure he is re-elected. (Has Aunt Thank-You-Ma’am paid a visit to NLGTF headquarters, too? I declare, their sycophantic new web page just reeks of buttermilk and cold cornbread!) They’ve launched a get-out-the-vote-for-Obama initiative, and you’ll never guess what they’ve decided to call it:

"Queer The Vote!"
Aunt Thank-You-Ma'am

¡Ay-yi-yi! Mitt Romney must be counting his blessings right now. What a gift for Right Wing organizers: A Lefty voter drive that explicitly mobilizes “queers” for Obama!

It’s red meat for Red State consumption, killing several Progressive birds with one stone!  It revives an old figure of speech that means “to spoil something” (see the Oxford Modern English Dictionary entry on the verb to queer); it reinforces a frightening concept of Gay Americans that’s common in reactionary circles (reference North Carolina preacher Charles Worley calling for the incarceration of “queers”); and it links Barack Obama (the most hated President of all-time for Republicans) with that concept.

In my mind’s eye, I can see the counter-campaign slogan: Obama wants to queer the White House! Stop his perversion of Democracy! Vote your moral values! If the Obama administration is foolish enough to embrace this initiative, it deserves defeat in November! (I think it deserves defeat regardless, but that’s a whole other conversation.)

Our former Dumb Dora Awards host, Stuffed Animal, spoke often on the topic of anti-Gay hate speech and Leftist zeal for throwing it in everybody’s face. Here’s a litany of quotes from some of his speeches; think of them as a “greatest hits” collection of sorts:

I'm so damn tired of Lefty media forcing "queerness" down my throat! I can't begin to tell you. A modicum of dignity when discussing the LGBT populace would be preferable, not to mention refreshing; no force-feeding would be necessary then! However, for immature Progressives hell-bent on depicting gender-neutral folk as exotic and/or transgressive, that's clearly too much to expect.

I've never bought into the fiction that Lesbians and Gay men can safely "reclaim" sexual slurs for casual use. Truth be told, I don't think most Lesbians and Gay men have, either, even though many would have you believe otherwise. There are numerous reasons why oppressed minority groups use hateful language among themselves, but only one of them is relevant to this discussion: The desire to jump on the so-called "anti-political correctness" bandwagon. Right Wing pundits have made it trendy to demean disadvantaged people, and it seems that the Left Wing enjoys following trends just as much as anybody else! Never mind if the trend in question reeks of self-loathing and willful ignorance . . .

Beware the homosexual Handkerchief Head who sees himself as marginal, and will take steps to stay marginalized!

"Queer" was, is, and always will be a tool for dehumanizing people of blended gender. Since it was specifically designed for that purpose, it can't serve any other! Anybody who says otherwise is either a liar or a fool. Whenever one human being calls another "queer", psychological harm is inflicted. When the Straight population observes LGBT folk using such cruel language on each other, it opens the door for more harm to be done.

It emboldens hardcore haters to hear those they consider sex perverts acknowledge their perversity. It's like waving a matador's cape in front of an enraged bull; assault becomes more justifiable in their minds. Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexual persons and Transfolk answering to the Q-word send hetero-bigots a message they want to hear! It confirms that what they believe about homosexuality and transgender status is true: Those people ain't no f*cking good! Even they know they're queer. They're defective, deviant and diseased. They're an ugly blight on humanity that ought to be erased.

So, what’s up with this crazy sh*t? Why is every Tom, Dick and Margaret out to convince the world that God creates “queer” human beings? There’s such an urgency nowadays to maintain stigma around LGBT identity, it’s frightening! And almost none of it is the work of hetero-bigots; at least, not the fire-breathing, Bible-thumping, Right Wing kind of bigot.

No, there’s a “kinder, gentler” brand of hetero-bigotry in the air. It’s practiced exclusively by LGBT folk and some of their so-called allies. It reeks of Liberal cachet! The post-coital stink of media whoredom is usually evident, too. It’s a smiley-faced kind of heterosexism that promotes ignorance over intelligence, RadicalSpeak over rational speech, reckless action over sound judgment, and self-promotion over self-respect. It takes a misunderstood people’s dignity and gleefully shreds it in pursuit of notoriety.

It’s a form of oppression, cleverly hidden under the guise of popular culture; but when you tie a raggedy-ass slave kerchief around its grinning bobble head, it looks ever so familiar! Is that you, Uncle Tom? Sho’ nuff! And Aunt Jemimah! I’d know those big buck eyes of yours anywhere, sugar. Bless my soul, but these House Negroes do tend to turn up in the most unexpected places!

Education? Calling people “queers” because of their gender expression or who they happen to love? That’s a form of education? Bless my soul! I could’ve sworn it was ignorance . . . beware of charlatans who say they’re opening minds to sex and gender diversity but who use language that reflects closed minds! Beware of (people) out to exoticize, exploit, and package you! Beware of modern House Negroes, their lips dripping with the oppressor’s filth, eager to do his bidding!

Radical ideology doesn’t give you or anybody else permission to slap hateful labels on other human beings . . . you don’t call your Black guests “n*ggers”, your feminist guests “b*tches”, or your immigrant guests “wetbacks”, do you? Even though some of those guests might be “OK” with such usage? Why is that? Why aren’t you eager to “reclaim” those insults . . . why should Gay people be so singularly treated? What’s the difference between one slur and another? There’s a thinly-disguised heterosexual supremacist odor coming from your standards and practices, and it stinks to high heaven!

Without words like “queer” to use for branding themselves rebellious miscreants, (RadiQueers) would be lost at sea. They wouldn’t know who the Hell they were supposed to be . . . but guess what? The derogatory labels are no help, because they already don’t know. They don’t care to know. Willful ignorance of self in a hostile world is very dangerous! It increases the likelihood of you becoming a tool for the oppressor. “Queers” are tools made for blurring the line between allies and enemies in our struggle for equality; you heard it here!

When you see what kind of elaborate write-up Smithsonian bloggers gave the late Steve Jobs, then compare it to the inadequate and flippantly-worded one Frank Kameny got, the only appropriate description to use is “insulting”! There’s no description contemptible enough to suit (the) appalling use of the Q-word in reference to Dr. Kameny’s work . . . to men of his generation, that slur is anathema! It dates from that awful period in our history when Lesbians and Gay men were forcibly institutionalized.

The false concept of Gay people as “queers” is what Dr. K battled against his whole life! His denunciation of the Gay = Sick mentality, his fiery speeches, his championing of open military service, his confrontations with the APA . . . all of it underscores that fact. For his life to be summed up in such an ignorant way . . . for anyone to dare imply that he represented a freakish population . . . that’s the ultimate indignity!

Trying to fight the oppressor while simultaneously inviting him to speak and think of your kind as "queers", "f*ggots" and "d*kes" is both tragically dumb and the biggest waste of time and resources there ever was. We’ve ceded over half the battle to our enemy . . . don't we want future generations of LGBT folk to experience lives that are better than what we live today? That won't happen if we pass down to them a concept of LGBT identity as "queer". We'll only have helped future generations of heterosexists to marginalize them. If it's not about making conditions better for those who succeed us on this planet . . . then what's the f***ing point?

"Queer" is a denigrating, exploitative and wholly fictional concept that doesn't describe me in any way, shape, or form!

La Chingona has nothing to add to these insights. ‘Nuff said . . . and well-said! They open and close the book on what Stuffed Animal likes to call hand-me-down hate speech. I prefer to call it blasfemia: Suicide Speech! ¡Hasta la próxima!

The beloved 1975-85 TV series “The Jeffersons” had at least two Gay or Bisexual cast members: Sherman Hemsley, who starred as George Jefferson, and Damon Evans, the second actor to portray his son Lionel.

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Anything-But-Gay-Rights Activism!

08 October 2012

Buffy vs. Anything-But-Gay-Rights Activism

The Dumb Dora Award for
Anything-But-Gay-Rights Activism Goes to
Queer, Incorporated,
Steven Thrasher
and The Village Voice

I believe that the Gay Rights movement should prioritize Gay Rights. I decry the anything-but-Gay-Rights agenda of activist groups like beyondmarriage.org! There's no rule that says individual Lesbians and Gay men can't participate in environmental activism, anti-poverty programs, anti-war demonstrations, lobbying for immigration reform and other important concerns. Who will take our specific concerns seriously, though, if we don't? It's neither necessary nor desirable for Gay Rights organizations to be the hub of all Left Wing causes. Ours should be the kind of movement where Liberals, Moderates and Conservatives can find common ground on such core issues as partnership recognition, employment non-discrimination, access to societal institutions, and personal safety. Our increasing reluctance to stand up for our own interests is appalling and shameful. Sylvia Rivera and other Stonewall rebels who have since passed on must be turning over in their graves!

La Chingona is back in the house! And Handkerchief Heads are back in the media! Steven Thrasher, a writer for The Village Voice, is the House Negro I’m gonna tell you about today. Dude damn near appointed himself official spokesman for the radical Gay Left in that publication’s 20 June edition:

When Siege Busters Working Group planned its "Party to End Israeli Apartheid" in March of 2011 at (New York’s) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, it probably knew it would raise some eyebrows and hoped it would raise some dough. But it probably didn't predict that its event would lead to ending all discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Center.

The "dance party," a fundraiser for an aid flotilla to Gaza, happened during Israeli Apartheid Week. The Center hosted an Israeli Apartheid Week event in 2008, and Siege Busters had been renting meeting space in the Center, as nearly any community group can, for numerous weeks last year. But when Gay porn king Michael Lucas got wind of the group's plans, he vowed to keep them (or anyone else) from criticizing Israel within the Center's walls. Lucas is . . . known for his Zionism and open hatred of Muslims.

What in the world could bring on such hostility? Hmmm . . . maybe the open hatred many Muslims hold for Gay people?

And so, Lucas went about getting the Center to eject Siege Busters . . . he sent out a press release threatening "to organize a boycott that would certainly involve some of the Center's most generous donors”. He did! It only took hours, and the Center decided "this event is not appropriate to be held at our LGBT Community Center . . . and the host group will no longer meet (here).”

So an anti-Jewish group was renting space at a Gay Community Center? What an unlikely turn of events! I wonder what the Gay and Jewish Holocaust survivors who suffered together in German concentration camps would have to say about that?

A community meeting followed, during which (LGBT Community Center administration) said the problem was that Siege Busters wasn't "LGBT-focused" and therefore was distracting the Center from its "core mission." According to multiple speakers, this contradicted decades of the Center's history of hosting meetings on "non-Gay" topics like South African apartheid, health care, and the Iraq war . . .

Quizás, but there’s a difference between a group that’s “non-Gay” and one that’s “anti-Gay” . . . and there’s a strong argument that those who advocate for militant Islamists fit the latter description!

. . . by the time the Center fracas was over, all discussion of Israel and Palestine was formally banned from its walls. As Sherry Wolf (a Jewish Lesbian critic of Israel) put it, the Center became "yet another occupied, homogenized space that only powerful and, frankly, White people dominate." Transgender activist Pauline Park thought it had "basically given the community the finger" and said to other LGBT people . . . "f*ck you! Drop dead! We only care about the bottom line."

Awww . . . poor, wounded crybabies! Fringe-dweller dance party fall down and go “boom”!

OK, let’s acknowledge that Michael Lucas played hardball, and the Israeli Apartheid crowd lost. Even without Lucas’s involvement, their eviction was justified! Siege Busters Working Group clearly isn’t hip to the fact that many if not most LGBT folk don’t share their hostility toward Israel. They thought an LGBT safe space would be the ideal location for their controversial fundraiser, but I guess they know different now! Better late than never!

Sounds like all kinds of organizations use this community center for a home base. If the landlords are OK with that, fine; but once a “non-Gay” group or cause becomes too divisive, they have every right to rescind their open door policy.

In my opinion, Sherry Wolf shouldn’t be allowed inside any Gay-owned building; when you see that chick coming, break out your garlic cloves and Wolf’s bane! I’ve run across her unhinged Islamo-fascist propaganda in The Advocate and elsewhere. How arrogant of her and Pauline Park, to presume that Gay Rights and anti-Israel organizing are joined at the hip! Those locas are dead wrong, and even though I’m no fan of his film product, I’m glad Mr. Lucas reminded them. I’m also glad LGBT Center administrators realize that they need not rent space to every Lefty fringe group that comes tripping along. Let Señoritas Wolf and Park rent from landlords who share their extremist views! With any luck, they’ll fall up with some conservative imam landlords; maybe then they’ll learn how militant Islamists really feel about their kind!

This incident p*ssed Steven Thrasher off so bad, he was like a volcan erupting: Rivers of flaming hot mierda spurted from his keyboard, engulfing page after page of The Village Voice. Verdad, there's nothing like a thwarted RadiQueer agenda to get Miss Thing's pantyhose in a twist!

Today's (Gay Rights) movement is quite unlike ACT-UP, the Gay Liberation Front, or the Mattachine Society. In their use of confrontation, those groups looked far more like Occupy Wall Street than the Human Rights Campaign.

¡Qué mentira! Here’s another historical revisionist willing to lie in his teeth about Gay history! The closeted and conservative Mattachine Society was like Occupy Wall Street? Get outta town!

Long before its Hollywood-style media awards, GLAAD had humble beginnings. According to spokesman Rich Ferraro, it began in the Village in the late 1980s, with an attempt to fight defaming portrayals of Gay men in the city's tabloids. By the time it was supporting a corporate donor's telecom merger . . . GLAAD had become, as Ferraro put it, "like a PR firm for the LGBT community (sic)." Does the LGBT community (sic) need such a thing?

Maybe not a PR firm, but modern activists would sure benefit from some public relations training. It might keep them from shooting the equality movement in the foot so often!

"Not everyone in the movement are media experts," says Herndon Graddick, GLAAD's new president. In a long interview, Graddick and Ferraro insisted that GLAAD's main focus is . . . helping people who are not famous get their stories told publicly, like Jennifer Tyrell, a mom from Ohio who is not allowed to work with her son's Boy Scout troop because she is a Lesbian.

Who does Graddick think he’s fooling? With all the courting of Hollywood celebrities and studios GLAAD does? Liar, liar, pants on fire!

“ . . . the story of (a) Transwoman getting beaten in Baltimore was really an opportunity to talk about the . . . really extreme violence faced by . . . Transwomen of color," Graddick says, noting such stories are rare in the media.

To the extent GLAAD does do this kind of reporting, it’s performing an important service; but it spends entirely too much time kissing the nalgas of Tinseltown power players. I especially hate when it plays interference for hate-spewing hams like “30 Rock’s” Tracy Morgan and CNN’s Roland Martin! Nothing strays farther from GLAAD’s mission statement; co-founder Vito Russo’s cremation ashes must be smoldering with rage! Graddick, Ferraro and their colleagues have a taste for coattail limelight that often betrays their organization’s founding priorities.

I first learned the term "Gay, Incorporated" from Lieutenant Dan Choi when I was writing a profile about him in 2010. After coming out on the “Rachel Maddow Show” in 2009, Choi was a darling of the Gay establishment, including the Human Rights Campaign, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, and the Courage Campaign. His name was attached to e-mail blasts routinely to raise money or rally activists. But Choi was so outspoken, he couldn't really be "handled." He chafed at the PR box Gay, Incorporated tried to put him in and was apt to go "off message" anytime. He described Gay, Incorporated as "those groups so desperate for a place at the table, they'll do anything to keep their place at the table." By the (time) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was first (debated) on the floor of the US Senate in September of 2010, Choi had worn out his welcome.

Dan Choi

Claro, Lt. Choi . . . his exiling from the Gay Rights mainstream is a complicated story, and frankly, a sad one. It isn’t true that the establishment silenced him, though: Even without an HRC or SLDN platform, he’s as outspoken as ever! His assessment of those organizations is fairly accurate, though. They tend to be staffed by people whose political ambitions are so transparent, it’s almost tacky.

Yet their radical counterparts are just as problematic, if not more! Collectively, I call them “Queer, Incorporated”. They justify their existence by bragging how social-issue-correct they are. That’s a different kind of tackiness! It’s a less effective kind, too. Miss Thing acknowledges that, when necessary, the Gay Rights establishment knows how to line its ducks up in a row:

LGBT Americans are in a war for Civil Rights, and their battles are admittedly won more often when their "messaging" is disciplined. The first time same-sex marriage went to the New York State Senate, in 2009, it was a mess, as various groups and elected officials undermined one another with sniping. Last summer, it could not have been more different when the factions formed New Yorkers United for Marriage. Governor Andrew Cuomo took control of the process (and) there were no leaks from the group, only a unified voice . . . the messaging worked, and the Marriage Equality Act passed.

By contrast, Queer, Incorporated is so profoundly undisciplined, its members couldn’t get their sh*t together if somebody’s life depended on it! And LGBT lives often are at stake. When it comes down to basic organizing, the Ladies That Lunch have it all over the Ladies That Bitch!

Ladies That Lunch

But such discipline comes at a cost! Gay, Incorporated plays an increasing role in debating what is and is not acceptable public speech for Gay people . . . and the points expressed become fewer.

Ahí lo viene de nuevo . . . here comes some more RadiQueer pandering to heterosexual privilege! It really isn’t censorship of Gay people’s speech that Steven Thrasher is concerned about:

GLAAD has been telling Straight people what they can and can't say for 25 years.

Dude sounds just like an Angry White Male radio pundit! Maybe Miss Thing should go intern for Rush Limbaugh?

It publishes an annual list of how appropriately LGBT (sic) the television networks are and will swiftly condemn anyone it perceives as homophobic. When CNN commentator Roland Martin tweeted last year during the Super Bowl, "If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the #$% out of him", they called for Martin's firing before they even met with him.

So they had to meet him to know if his hateful tweets were hateful or not? Better walk that one back, baboso!

Martin's tweet and Tracy Morgan's onstage rant about wanting to stab his son if he were Gay were widely criticized. But many of GLAAD's choices about what is or is not acceptable are far more subjective. It has vehemently attacked (the animated cable series) “South Park” for harming Gays (sic), a position woefully out of touch with actual queer (sic) people (who, in my unscientific poll, largely see [series creators] Trey Parker and Matt Stone as allies and appreciate [their] satire).

His “unscientific” polling? How about his shameless brown-nosing? I see GLAAD staffers aren’t the only ones who like to kiss up to entertainment moguls!

GLAAD also critiques work not ready for consumption and gives the viewing public little credit to judge media for themselves. Prior to its premiere last winter, GLAAD took out full-page ads against ABC's show “Work It”. "GLAAD has seen the pilot, and while (it) does not explicitly address Transgender people, many home viewers unfamiliar with the realities of being transgender will still make the connection," GLAAD wrote. "’Work It’ invites the audience to laugh at images of men trying to adopt a feminine appearance . . . making it easier to mock people whose gender identity and expression are different than the one they were assigned at birth." (At the same time, GLAAD promotes the cross-dressing humor of the BBC's Matt Lucas and David Williams on its blog.)

Later in her bottomless pit of an op-ed, Miss Thing needles GLAAD for giving the loathsome TV series “Queer As Folk” a pass on lurid sexual stereotyping, and for ignoring “bitchy queen” buffoonery on “The A-List”. Calling out the group’s hypocrisy for selectively targeting crude portrayals is valid. Implying that any such portrayals don’t defame LGBT folk is bogus! “Work It” was one dirty dog of a show, GLAAD’s early critique of it was spot-on, and most important, that critique didn’t stop the show from being aired. So what if they discussed the pilot ahead of time? Why should they have kept quiet? TV critics don’t hold their tongues when they see previews. Does the censorship alarmist want to be a censor now?

GLAAD sees . . . shades of gray in awfully black-and-white terms . . . its controlling mind-set is pervasive throughout Gay, Incorporated, as GLAAD alumni staff many Gay groups.

Just who is being “controlled” when GLAAD raises its objections? Straight producers and directors? Hollywood may be sensitive to Gay criticism these days, but it hardly falls in line every time GLAAD issues a press release. Thrasher himself notes that director Ron Howard didn’t budge when the group objected to homophobic language in his 2010 comedy The Dilemma; and the Tribeca Film Festival all but ignored their angry denunciations of the f*gsploitation slasher flick Ticked-Off Tr*nnies, released that same year.

Often, filmmakers will go ahead and present questionable LGBT material just the way they intended to. And sometimes, GLAAD lets some of the worst offenders off the hook (like the folks behind 2007’s execrable I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry); but wasn’t this supposed to be a discussion of “Gay community” speech being suppressed? Miss Thing seems hell-bent on defending movie and TV industry speech against Gay rebuke. What’s up with that sh*t?

In April, the group One Million Moms asked JC Penney to fire its new spokeswoman, Ellen DeGeneres, because she is a Lesbian. GLAAD quickly launched a "Stand Up For Ellen" campaign. Almost immediately, "#standupforellen" cluttered my Twitter feed; when JC Penney said it was keeping her, my stream was filled with Gays (sic) thanking the company. I couldn't help wondering why GLAAD needed to take on that fight. DeGeneres is a millionaire many times over . . . she didn't really need GLAAD's help.

I bet she appreciated it, though, given how poorly she was treated after coming out of the closet in 1997. Everybody feels protective of Ellen, and rightly so; to Gay and Straight folk alike, she’s a living legend, and the lady deserves all the support she didn’t get in the past. Besides, what proof is there that riches protect a person from organized Right Wing homophobe attacks? The reportedly large number of rich and closeted celebrities would suggest otherwise . . . but once again, wasn’t this rant supposed to be about Gay organizations muzzling Gay people? Or is Thrasher is just nursing a personal grudge against GLAAD?

At the same time, JC Penney has one of the more miserable records as an employer among the nation's retailers. Just one example: In 2010, a garment factory in Bangladesh that produced clothes for eight US companies caught fire and killed 30 workers. JC Penney was one of only two to balk at paying restitution to the killed workers' families. It took 100,000 signatures on a change.org petition to make the company pony up. I asked (Herndon) Graddick why GLAAD seemed to be more interested in JC Penney's spokeswoman than its other workers . . . he said that the campaign wasn't about DeGeneres as much as it was about LGBT employment rights. People are not interested in the finer points of labor law, he correctly notes, but they do pay attention to celebrity news. Getting word out that people can be legally fired for being LGBT in most States needed . . . a celebrity-news peg.


Similarly, Ferraro says, "As news was breaking about Roland Martin's Super Bowl tweets, news was also breaking that a young man from Georgia, Brandon White, was brutally attacked and called anti-Gay slurs . . . and if it wasn't for the attention around the Roland Martin campaign, Brandon's White's story . . . would not have been heard." Ferraro was proud that the Stand Up campaign was the "first of its kind." He saw JC Penney's subsequent Father's Day ad . . . with two dads as a mark of progress.

Check and checkmate! GLAAD staffers shoot down Steven Thrasher´s diversionary tactic with eagle-eye accuracy! With both Ellen DeGeneres and Roland Martin, they stayed focused on the group’s core mission: Guarding against anti-Gay defamation.

Conversely, Queer, Incorporated couldn’t care less about hate speech; that’s probably because they use so damn much of it! They’re always eager to change the subject to other justice concerns. However, there’s nothing wrong with bearing down on a single issue . . . especially if that single issue happens to be what a group was founded to bear down on. Miss Thing still wants to throw out diversions, though:

. . . I also wondered about Gay, Incorporated getting involved with Starbucks. In March, the coffeehouse chain said it supported same-sex marriage. The National Organization for Marriage called for a boycott of the chain, and HRC told everyone to shop there. It appeared to be a win for both Gay Rights and overpriced coffee (but) as Daniel Gross, executive director of the food and retail group Brandworkers says: "Advocacy organizations celebrating large companies like JC Penney and Starbucks, without challenging the impoverishment of tens of thousands of LGBT employees at those businesses, do a disservice to all working families . . . working-class LGBTers (sic) and especially the many queer (sic) youth of color in retail deserve better."

Why do I suspect Daniel Gross never gave a damn about the “working-class LGBTers” and “queer youth of color” employed at Starbucks until this boycott threat?

"As a queer (sic) person, I find it upsetting that they tell queer (sic) people to shop at Starbucks," says Liberte Locke of the Starbucks Workers Union. "It's one thing to say congratulations to Starbucks, but when encouraging people to support a business, various things should be considered. Unfortunately, HRC felt the need to push queer (sic) people to spend money at Starbucks while neglecting other issues: The fact that most of their coffee isn't fair trade (and) the fact that they routinely fire people trying to organize."

So HRC is supposed to be a Free Trade crusader and Labor Union adjunct as well as a Gay Rights lobbying group? Just because Queer, Incorporated says so? Who died and left their control freak asses in charge of Gay Rights movement strategy?

Why does the fringe Left always want Gay organizations prioritizing every issue other than Gay Rights? This incident was not about labor, trade or price gouging! The injustice at hand was a business getting boycotted because it supports the Civil Rights of a persecuted minority group. That business just happened to be Starbucks. At that particular moment in time, it was necessary to hold them up as a corporate role model. That certainly doesn’t mean Starbucks is always on the right side of important social issues (and really, what major corporation is?) They were just on the right side of this one. One battle at a time, por favor!

Did Thrasher, Gross and Locke want Americans to support the NOM boycott? Did they want to see Progressives closing ranks with Bible bigots? Talk about an unholy coalition! The resulting controversy would surely have overshadowed any statement they hoped to make about union organizing and/or free trade; when the RadiQueers got their much-coveted face time on TV, they’d have had to repeatedly explain why they were on the same page as the Fundies. Worse, they’d have been fending off attacks from marriage equality activists who considered them traitors! Not exactly the strongest kind of messaging.

What we have here is a textbook example of Left Wing activist envy: Why are you fighting for that? That isn’t half as important as what I’m fighting for. If you don’t adopt my priorities, I’m gonna hate on you! These RadicaLiberal dupes got hella nerve, expecting others to push their stalled agendas for them! Frankly, they’re so busy looking and sounding radical, they forget about the need to pull their own weight! They whine when the class and race issues they favor don’t dominate popular discourse, and point spiteful fingers of blame at the marriage equality movement for somehow stealing their thunder. How could that be, though, when they haven’t created any thunder to be stolen?

Queers Against Israel Apartheid

RadiQueers lack good work ethics, and God bless America, that’s an understatement! My observation is that their jawbones get far more exercise than their backbones do. If you want swagger and posturing, nobody does it better than them; but they suck at doing anything else! They object to centralized leadership, firm goals and clear strategy. They decry identity politics even as they slap the Q-word on everything they do (Queers Against Israel Apartheid: Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous as that name?). They sneer at single-issue activism, even though their more-the-merrier approach to issues is a recipe for failure (the splintering of Occupy Wall Street is a case in point).

They also seem to want relatively fast results, which in our current political climate is unrealistic. LesBiGay couples have been petitioning for legal recognition since 1970! Four decades of sustained activism has finally begun to pay off for them; begrudging them their success is just plain malicious! These “Beyond Marriage” idiots don’t have the ambition to struggle as long and as hard, and it’s obvious from the way they’ve got time to sit back and supervise!

Queer, Incorporated is a clueless clique populated by Queens of Denial: Its members refuse to see that all gender-neutral people don’t camp out on the Left Wing! Relatively few do, in my opinion. Given that they’re found in every known ethnic, political, religious and social group, LGBT folk must be the most ideologically diverse minority group on the planet; but fringe Lefties can’t even imagine a “queer” who isn’t bent on upending the social order!

In their Fidel Castro-worshiping heart of hearts, they’re convinced that the “community” shares their bohemian coffeehouse worldview. They blame the established Gay advocacy groups for not promoting the Marxist ideals they want everybody to strive for. In fact, RadiQueers battle “Gay, Incorporated” far more often than they battle the anti-Gay Right Wing; and as the agenda of Siege Busters Working Group demonstrates, they like nothing better than to shift focus away from LGBT-specific issues.

As often happens when my staff and I read published opinions of this type, an anonymous reaction from the comments section gives voice to our feelings:

One of the main things that has gone wrong with the Gay movement (is) activists trying to tie Gay people and Gay Rights to Leftist causes . . . in the popular mind, Gay equality gets seen as a Left vs. Right issue rather than simply an issue of basic human decency . . . (they’re) alienating a large swath of the population and making it very difficult for us to progress beyond 50% of (Straight America) being sympathetic towards us. If you want to support Leftist causes, go ahead! There certainly are those that I support . . . but please, stop trying to link Gay Rights to them. You only damage our cause by doing so.

Very sound advice; but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna hold my breath waiting for RadiQueer knuckleheads to heed it!

Miss Thing, AKA Steven Thrasher, winds up her editorial with predictable attacks on Wall Street capitalism, the United States military and the institution of marriage. The heifer wags an indignant hoof at “Gay, Incorporated” for not taking part in the Occupy Wall Street protests. Concurring with an anarchist who argues that equality is a “myth”, she concludes that LGBT folk should be about liberating themselves instead.

For sure, both equality and liberation are necessary goals; but somehow, Thrasher’s concept of liberation requires that freedom from gender expression bigotry be shoved far onto a back burner. Unlike Palestinian militants, LGBT Americans are supposed to defer their dreams indefinitely! They can’t worry about fighting hetero-supremacy, he seems to believe, until unfair labor practices, health care inequity, immigrant-bashing, racial profiling, war profiteering and a thousand other social ills are completely eradicated. ¡Ay-yi-yi! Can you imagine where the desegregation movement would be today if Black people had taken that attitude in the ‘50s and ‘60s? His kind of “liberation” is not what the Stonewall rebels had in mind.

Miss Thing never gave a satisfactory explanation of how GLAAD and other such organizations encroach on the free speech of Gay Americans. They sure as sh*t haven’t shut her mouth! Frankly, I think she fears encroachment on anti-Gay hate speech more than anything else. Internalized shame will do that to a person! ¡Hasta la próxima!

Guess what? Steven Thrasher is a Dan Savage groupie! He absolutely adored Dan-O calling GOProud members “f*ggots” who “grab their ankles”. That supremely ignorant tweet was posted the very same day as his “Gay, Incorporated” rant. The following day, Miss Thing gleefully dared GLAAD to censure Savage. Does her snide attitude surprise you? No, I didn’t think it would.

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