19 January 2011

Satanic Sales-Pitching

The Dumb Dora Award for
Satanic Sales Pitching Goes to
and the Gay Porn Industry

Warning! This essay contains frank discussions of lewd films and lurid film marketing materials.

Several years ago, I wrote an essay called "The Big Nasty". It cast a critical eye on Gay pornographic films, excoriating them for glorification of over-the-top violence, perversion, dangerous sex practice, sexual racism and other disturbing images. I took examples from an adult DVD catalog marketed by what was then known as TLA Video. I hadn't received a catalog from them since then, but guess what was waiting in my mailbox when I came home from grocery shopping today? You guessed it: TLAGay.com's Holiday 2010 Catalog!

Not without dread, I thumbed through it just to see if the new selections were any less objectionable than the old ones. Sure enough, they weren't! On the contrary, they'd gotten worse in many respects. My advice to homoerotic movie collectors is to stick with your older DVDs! You'll understand why when you read these descriptions of the latest XXX Gay product:

LA Zombie Hardcore is certain to raise a ruckus . . . our favorite scene is the "porn star massacre", in which (several performers) fall prey to two thugs in a hail of lethal gunfire that has the most over-the-top bloodletting this side of Naomi Campbell's time of the month . . . love it or hate it, (this film) is here in all its Black-semen-spurting, gaping-head-wound, gory glory.

A little misogyny in the ad copy for those who need more to satisfy them than graphic scenes of Gay men suffering violent death!

Graphic man-on-man rape, gratuitous nudity, shocking gore and a laid-back attitude toward hardcore drugs ensure that this movie is for mature audiences only.

That was the blurb for a movie called Someone's Knocking At The Door which appeared under the heading "Tasty Trash". Don't know about you, but the word "mature" isn't what I'd use to describe audiences who get off on rape, bloody violence and casual drug addiction.

(In this) double feature DVD . . . you'll find queer (sic) hitchhikers, Gay hippies, old leather queens and f*g hustlers . . .

Oh, what, wow! Crude stereotypes from a hetero-bigot's nightmare! Just what I want to find under my Christmas tree this year!

If you thought Pizza Boy Gangbang was hot, you ain't seen nothin' yet . . . order Police Academy Gangbang . . .

Pizza and gang rape? I don't love it! Nor do I love fantasies about men getting gang-raped in police custody. That may have something to do with it happening in real life to hundreds of Gay (and Straight) men in the developing world.

(Here's) a brutal look at schoolboys run amok. We dare you not to blow your load during the excruciating nighttime dorm sequence as the guys literally rape young Didier Hamel (hair pulling, choking, throat assaults and rough fingering) to the point of screams.

I would win that dare easily, but in order to do that, I'd have to be the depraved rape fetishist TLAGay.com evidently thinks I am.

Controversial c*cksmanship (from) identical twins Adam and Konrad Richter . . . it's a beautiful day in the verdant Eastern European countryside and the brothers decide to take a walk and picnic in the beautiful outdoors. Instead of eating a pack lunch, they start nibbling on each other and their lust pushes them into a brotherly flip-flop incestuous f*ck . . .

This unnatural nature scene from a new release called Twins In Lust was filmed by veteran porn director William Higgins, who pioneered Cecil B. DeMille-style Gay orgy films 25 years ago. More proof that you can push the envelope just so far until it falls off the table and into the dirt!

Here it is, gentlemen . . . the one you've heard everyone talking about! The ultimate taboo is finally broken as chiseled identical twins Milo and Elijah Peters go all the way . . . the twins interact with (other performers) but it's their scene together that will leave you breathless, culminating in bareback f*cking . . .

Incest and lethal sexuality . . . you get two for the price of one! The Peters Twins promote themselves as real-life lovers, and believe it or not, their sick relationship was spotlighted last year in The Advocate (see my Dumb Dora Award for Sleazy-Ass Journalism).

Ooooh, baby, get ready for the rough stuff . . .

Get ready for it? How extreme does a XXX flick have to be before it qualifies as rough? Incest, bareback sex and rape aren't exactly the equivalent of a relaxing bubble bath!

Here are the films of . . . fetish/SM player extraordinaire, Mr. Tony Buff. Each features water sports, fisting, electrocution, sounding and more . . . these films portray authentic (S & M) and fetish sex . . . hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and most realistic . . . revel in the depravity for just $39.99 each!

Gay male debasement at bargain prices! How could anyone resist? For those not versed in hardcore S & M lingo, here's the lowdown (not for the faint-hearted): "Water sports" means getting urinated on; "fisting" means having a fist or arm shoved up your fanny; "sounding" is thrusting a long metal object up your urethra; and torture by electrocution, well, that's self-explanatory. The aforementioned group of films includes such tantalizing titles as Anal Assault, Bound and Beaten, Fist And P*ss and Shock Treatment. The latter title strikes me as a tad, oh, I don't know . . . insensitive? It wasn't that long ago that Gay people were forcibly committed to mental wards and forced to undergo electro-shock therapy. Maybe TLAGay.com is counting on some of those unfortunate victims to have enjoyed the experience? A nice little trip down memory lane for them!

Depravity on the rocks is such an intoxicating beverage, isn't it? Have a nasty chaser on the house: Savor the twisted titles of these "hot" new Gay adult DVDs:

P*ssed On, P*ss Pigs, P*ss Gods (with the most nauseating DVD covers you've ever seen), Daddy's Teenage Turn-On (the cover shows a man hugging a boy who looks barely pubescent), Butth*le Buffet, Tickle Me Homo, Swallow It Straight Boy, F*cked and P*ssed, Used and Abused, Bareback C*m Sluts, Bareback P*ss Factory, Doctor P*ss, Bareback P*ss School, Bareback Butt Stretchers, Kings Of Filth and Diary Of A P*ss Whore. All that, plus eye-popping incest, rape and restraint photo stills, and blurbs straight off a grindhouse marquee that scream: "Queer Horror!" "Dirty F*ckers!" "Forced Sex!" "Bukkake!" "Fisting!" "Water Sports!" And most numerous of all: "Bareback!"

A couple of years ago, double penis penetration was all the rage. Now, that trend seems to be played out. The new thrill is Gay porn stars using one another as urinals! Even more thrilling is "water sport" humiliation combined with condom-free sex. "Fisting" has returned with a vengeance, and of course, Sodomite-style gang rape is as popular a subject as ever. What do you bet an incest craze will be the next big thing? Make no mistake, I'm not talking about a handful of renegade producers here. These extreme DVDs come from some of the biggest Gay porn studios: All Worlds Video, Titan Men, Catalina, Factory Video, Jet Set Men, Bel Ami, Kristen Bjorn Video and Lucas Entertainment (studio head Michael Lucas writes regular op-eds for The Advocate, by the way).

Shocking as the subject matter was, it shocked me more to see how incredibly young some of the performers looked in these ads. There ought to be much stiffer age restrictions imposed on the porn industry. I'm already on record calling for the criminalization of bareback videos; let me now amend that call to include fist penetration and scatological scenes. I don't discriminate when it comes to health hazards!

As a Gay person of color, I was relieved that few Black men were pictured; DVDs with Black and dark-skinned Latino performers were, as usual, segregated into their own small section. This was one time when evidence of sexual racism didn't bother me so much . . . I'd have been much more upset if African-Americans were heavily represented in these disgusting films! The sight of White, Asian and light-skinned Latin boys being degraded and brutalized and exposed to HIV was objectionable enough!

Guess what's going out in my trash tomorrow? That's where TLAGay.com's Satanic sales pitch belongs. I've half a mind to burn their damn catalog!

I'm well aware of the prudish reputation Christians have. I pride myself on being a Christian with few if any sexual hang-ups. For instance, I don't look at adult entertainment as a fringe phenomenon; I consider it part of the cultural mainstream, and that's fine with me. However, that doesn't mean I'm OK with sex being portrayed as sick and/or dirty and/or lethal! Especially not sex between men; that's the worst kind of demonization!

At least as far back as the 1960s, there've been (allegedly) Gay writers, artists and filmmakers who smeared their own kind by peddling the most inflammatory images imaginable: They construct a bizarro world filled with homosexual pimps, prostitutes, pedophiles and psycopaths! Not that such people don't exist, but these shameless exploiters make them out to be the norm. In my opinion, such distorted depictions deserve much blame for lingering harmful stereotypes about same-gender love and lovers. Nobody's more guilty of harmful stereotyping than the 21st century Gay porn industry! As you can see from the contents of my latest Chrismas catalog, there's no scum so putrid that modern Gay pornographers won't try to serve it up to an audience.

Ever wonder who that audience is? I guarantee you, it isn't all Gay or Bisexual! Straight erotica consumers are getting a generous helping of what Gay hedonists love to call "queerness". Do they think we sexually abuse each other as a matter of routine? Can they tell the difference between an ordinary same-gender loving man and a p*ss whore? And who says it's healthy for LGBT folk to watch this filth?

1960s Pop icon Petula Clark once recorded a song whose lyrics dealt with adversity: After the hill/There's a mountain/After the mountain/You're home and dry. When it comes to our equality struggle, the kind of hatred heterosexual society has for us represents the hill. The kind of hatred we have for ourselves represents the mountain. Companies like TLAGay.com and the film studios that supply their hellish product lie at the peak of that deadly mountain, and conquering that peak is an unavoidable task on our march toward liberation. Scaling Mount Everest would be like an elevator ride in comparison, I fear! It's gonna be a long, hard climb, folks.

I know some people think I'm crazy for trying to hold Gay pornographers accountable. The idea of a Christian admitting to a porn habit freaks them out to begin with; but the fact that I expect porn producers to have a social conscience really takes them by surprise. They think X-rated product should be off-limits for that kind of criticism.

Well, if you've been reading my blogs for awhile, you know that nothing is off-limits for my criticism! I root out bad behavior wherever I happen to find it. I don't compartmentalize my interests, or my politics. Gay Rights, popular music, patriotism, Christianity, pornography . . . I consider it all part of the same mix! What's more, I think God has the same attitude. So, all you folks who've accused me of everything from "political correctness" to transphobia to blasphemy and obscenity . . . how does that grab you?  How do you like me now, sugar?

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